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About Challenger Comics

Welcome to CHALLENGER COMICS, a self-publishing comic book imprint. This is a place where you will find the means to consume self-published, creator-owned work from select creators, movers, and shakers. The goal of Challenger is simple: create a hub, a portal, a space, for independently owned and produced comics to call “home” while providing  a simple way for readers to find the work, read it, buy it, and support it.

Challenger Comics is not a publisher. The creator is the publisher. Challenger is merely an imprint, much like a brother/sisterhood that’s always there to toot your horn.

It’s like this:

“I want to make comics on my own and put them online for people to read and (hopefully) buy, and I want a good-looking, easy way other than tumblr, etc. to host them. So I made Challenger. And I’ve invited some friends and creators to join the party too.” – Ryan Ferrier

We hope you enjoy the comics that are and will be in part of the Challenger Family.